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Designer Gifts Now Affordable!
We don't think we need to spend too much time describing all the goods of  Designer Gifts. Presentable, practical, innovative, special, unique, full of fun...But what stops you from buying desigener gifts? Price of course!
Now,If we make it as affordable as an average gift, which one will you pick? A desinger one or an ordinary one?
At Gifted ideas, we get rid of the charges from shopping malls and high street shops, that's why everything we sell is as of  premium quality but much affordable!!
We specialise in eco-friendly electric oil burner/tart warmer lamps; both serious and funny designer gifts; handmade and handpainted gifts, ranging from wooden gifts,mosaic,Christmas gifts...

Presentable and Practical
We try our best to hand pick gifts that are not only presentable, but also practical——could be used all the time, rather than spending the rest of their life in a cupboard.
At Gifted ideas, we are inspired by the beauty of life every single day, and we want to share with you and the love you love. That’s why we have been HAND-PICKING the designer gifts all over the world for you. Life at Gifted ideas is a journey of discovering fun, beauty and innovation. Let’s go together.

Designer Brands we do


Philippi Germany

philippi_logo.gif Philippi Germany Designer Mirror Notepad Pen Card Case Philippi Germany Designer Silverplated Swarovski Crystal Ring Keyring Philippi Germany Designer Luxurious Travel 6 Games Set Philippi Germany Designer Giorgio Leather Hip Flask Philippi Germany Designer Lightball Glass Tea Light Holder

When Jan Philippi established his business in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg in 1992, he had journeyed the world for many years. With his return, he brought ideas back to Germany, such as to how to design forms in a simpler, clearer and more modern manner, as well as a collection of worldwide mutual partners. Designers bring their new ideas to the company and develop them with Jan Philippi, until the mutually created result is ready for production and subsequent presentation to the market...


Troika Germany

philippi_logo.gif Angel key ring: shiny chrome plated,metal casting Ruler with funny skier, aluminum, 20cm Sailboat paperweight with pen and magnet for paper clips Genuine Leather Credit card case with money clip and removable PVC Laser pointer with three functions: laser pointer, telescope pointer,ballpoint

The brand TROIKA stands for high-quality gifts for the retail and promotional market designed in Germany, which are delivered, by the aid of numerous partners, in more than 70 countries worldwide.

TROIKA has been able to gain 62 highly reputed Design Prices, such as IF, red dot, Good Design Award, Gold Star, Design Plus, Designpreis Rheinland-Pfalz and Promotional Gift Award.
Innovation, excellent design and exclusivity (TROIKA by TROIKA only) are TROIKA’s claims for all of its products, which are made of stainless steel, aluminium and genuine leather...
TROIKA domovari GmbH develops and distributes high-quality keyrings, card-cases and men‘s gifts for desk and travelling.



 soulmate Designer Pillowcase Set Man(Plus)/Woman(Minus) Designer Pillowcase Set Magnet Designer Pillowcase Set 4ever Designer Pillowcase Set Splash HUMAN TOUCH Wall Clock

"Aesthetics of an object are not only defined by it's exceptional design"...It is a simple belief which all designers at Human Touch continually share and practice. Our goal is to create works that can be universally distinguished and in the end, create in each individual an awareness within the soul and fulfill a physical need. Passionately, our products are the result of our diving into the depths of our creative hearts.

Since 1998 we have been designing and retailing home decorative objects and furniture under our brand "Human Touch". All our manufacturing are done in Thailand in top international standard factories under strict quality control. Human Touch were set up by a group of designers in 1998 to manufacture our belief in design to reality. Among the earliest products were Think Glass set of five and series of classic romantic couple pillow case which are now selling over 1,000,000 sets worldwide. In 1998, Human Touch exhibited for the first time in the Bangkok International Gift and Houseware Fair - Thailand's biggest fair yearly organized by the Royal Thai government. This was an event which marked the establishment of Human Touch as a pioneering force in the Thai product design industry. Nearly nine years after our inception with over 500 SKU, Human Touch are now firmly established and internationally respected as brand of product design, manufacturer, retailer of modern product design - All with the same spirit of those days.


Luft by Semk Design Hong Kong

 Elly Paper Clip & Magnetic & Holder Lovely Cuddly Soft Elephant CD Case.Pink Mouse Doughnuts Coaster Set of 4 Barcelonatime Wall Clock (white) Mic Mouse IPOD MP3 Pillow/Cushion Speaker(white)

Luft means air in German. It implies "living in an ultra-free time" for what Semkers' are craving. In Luft, our designers explore unlimited inspirations to design different products. Luft's products are all in aesthetic outlook, stylish color scheme and vivid character.
Simple design, emotional expression, multiple functions and meticulous knack are the features of Semkers' design which seek to practically activate our philosophy. Therefore, we extensively access the every part of the designer products including concept of creation, aesthetic outlook, product features, packaging design, and product quality sincerely. The keys to achieve the Semk are no doubt but prudence and creativity.


Zan's Hong Kong

philippi_logo.gif Mouse & Cheese Tape Holder Mouse&Cheese Kitchen Towel Stand Mouse & Cheese Super Trivet Mouse&Cheese Air Tight Cup Cap/Lid Mouse and Cheese Hand Puppet Mitt/Oven Glove

Founded in 1994, was embarked by the founders with a naive intension to promote original designs in HK in the realm of products with practical value; as a genuine vision to draw the invisible tension between nature and man; and between man and the living environment - OR just simply put man’s creativity to our daily lives with delight, pleasure and leisure. This vision is the center of force for Zan’s in creating the ever-novel items to fulfill seekers of different natures for different targets.

Zan’s spirit of design is consistently manifested in the extensive range of novel items appealing to the theme of “Life’s Make-up” It is the founders’ dream to share their views and visions in design with different peoples,like art appreciation, on a more profound level of articulation and reaching also to another practical level of using them in our daily lives.


CSK World Wide Ltd is an integration of designer and manufacture for all kinds of plastic products.We design & produce products mainly by PVC,Silicone Rubber,EVA,ABS and Paper.In our earlier business nature,we are dealing with OEM & ODM projects,serving all kinds of customers in Toys,Gifts & Puremiums field.Additionally,we also do invove some projects regarding general gift to help organization & corporation promotion needs.

In addition,we started to market our own house brand "Luyesa" & "L.Felice",focus on interior lifestyle items such as Photo Frame,CD Rack,Book-end,Bath accessories,Kitchenware,Clock,Key Chain,Stationary Set,Audio Device.By injecting our artistic design & sense of humor,we strongly believe that our products can enrich the lifestyle of people's mind & their living space.We are not only making a decorative shape with functional products,but to present our point of view to lifestyle on both imagination and reality.


Zense by Adda Limited Hong Kong

Simpliciy and functionality are the basic design concepts of Adda Product Ltd.Its product line cater for different aspects of life.In addition to its innovative "Bacchus" wine accessories and "Hookoo" personalised home storage and decoration systems,the company has launched a latest product line, pet@work, which is a result of creativity and sensitivity. Meant to create balance,harmony and comfort in the working environment, the items are modelled after cats and dogs.The feline character in the series is named "KamKam", while the canine character is known as "DonDon". Each product imitates the delicate movements behavioural responses of the animal concerned,creating fun for its users.


Homada Hong Kong



and lots more...

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